2oz Organic Salve By Innovative

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Struggling with minor muscle or joint pains? Then here comes innovative CBD’s Organic Salve to the rescue, a Topical ointment made out of supercritical CO2 extracted CBD from hemp. This salve combines the power of CBD with a mix of herbal extracts for a swift temporary relief of minor aches, such as backaches, strains and sprains. But that’s not all. Innovative CBD Salve also works as an excellent moisturizer that can soften the skin and even treat minor cuts and burns. Best of all, you can use it your whole body -even your face! – without any problem.

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Product Description

All organic skin soothing balm infused with 70 mg’s of supercritical Co2 extracted Cannabidiol from industrial hemp.

Our salves pair key organic essential oils such as calendula, comfrey, plantain,st. john’s wart, vitamin e, and arnica with 70mg’s of Cannabidiol.

  • Natural- Unscented
  • Lemongrass- Lemongrass essential oils
  • Lavender sweet orange- Lavender essential oil and Sweet orange essential oil.


Lab tests

View and download the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for this product. We have all of our products independently lab tested and certified for potency and purity. These certifications show that Innovative CBD products don’t have any traces of hydrocarbon based solvents or co-solvents.

Natural Salve (May 11, 2015 – Jul 7, 2015)

Lemon Grass Salve (May 11, 2015 – Jul 7, 2015)

Lavender Sweet Orange Salve (May 11, 2015 – Jul 7, 2015)

4 reviews for 2oz Organic Salve By Innovative

Melissa Nichols
3 out of 5:

We are using the Natual salve for my sons eczema. His face is a major area & it’s healing wonderfully.

Melissa Nichols
3 out of 5:

We have used the Natural salve for my sons eczema, his face is a major area and it’s worked great for healing.


The 70% CBD Salve is a great muscle relaxers. Many different options for the smell but the salve is great. It relivies the pain from my severe arthritis. The CBD oil is also awesome. I tried many and this is the real deal. It is worth the price for reduced or no pain for a time.

Renee Monique
5 out of 5:

Best stuff ever! It really helped with all my moms arthritis pain. It even helped me with cramps. Definitely buying more ASAP.

J. McGuire
5 out of 5:

I Purchased the 70% CBD Salve to try on my shoulders and back and after two or three applications I began feeling less inflammation, soreness, and pain. I would advise people to use enough to cover the area you want to treat each time and it should help relieve your problems. The Lavender and Sweet Orange Scent is also helpful for sleep time. I’m Ready to try more Innovative Products.

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