20MG Organic Lemon Flavor Lozenges By Innovative

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All Organic, Un-refined, Solvent-Free, Full Spectrum, Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Based Lozenges.

A different way to enjoy all the benefits from Innovative CBD – Lozenges!

Available in 6 delicious flavors, just put one of them in your mouth and let all the potential of the purest CBD enter your body as the lozenges dissolve!

Product Description

  • Lemon flavor
  • 4-pack all-natural lozenges.
  • Contains 5 mg per each lozenge.
  • Refreshing & sugar-free.
  • Ingredients: Isomalt, Water, Stevia, Organic Flavoring, Natural Color, Concentrated Organic Hemp Extract (CO2 extract from Seed, Stalk and Stem)
  • Serving: One lozenge every 6 hours or as needed.

Lab tests

View and download the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for this product. We have all of our products independently lab tested and certified for potency and purity. These certifications show that Innovative CBD products don’t have any traces of hydrocarbon based solvents or co-solvents.

Lemon Jolly – ((Dec 14, 2018 – May 13, 2019)

9 reviews for 20MG Organic Lemon Flavor Lozenges By Innovative

5 out of 5:

I’ve heard about CBD and was hesitant to try CBD in general, so I bought the lozenges and literally had them in my drawer for about 2-3 years, then finally my mood swings and headaches got to the point where I had to try them and OMG why did I wait so long! Absolutely amazing! It makes my happy and chill. Thank you so much!!

Susan Boydstun
5 out of 5:

trying to rate these a 5 STAR..your site is only allowing me 3? THEY ARE A 5+ these are amazing!! I have PN in both feet from diabetes..I have used CBD oil orally..yucky taste…THESE LOZENGES TASTE AMAZING!! and THEY WORK!! knocks out the burning and tingling feeling after just one..I HIGHLY recommend you try these!!

5 out of 5:

I was hit by an intoxicated driver in 2016. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and severe spine surgery. I have had years of rehab. The pain off the charts. I tried everything celebrex, flexerill, and every other pain medication. These medications were helping with the pain (somewhat) but what it did for my brain was not good. I needed something different for the pain. I tried these with nothing to lose. OMG! It took about 20 minutes before they kicked in. My stats are: I’m 4’10 & 140lbs, 40 years old. My pain before the lozenge (on a scale of 1-10; 10 being horrific) was a clear 10 or higher. After 1 lozenge my pain and stiffness was <2. I took the lozzenge on Saturday and today is Monday and I am still mobile with a pain/stiffness level at a 3. I even wore a small pump to work today. Thank you! Thank you!

5 out of 5:

I bought these at my local health food store after my prescription antinausea put me in the hospital for anxiety, restlessness, and involuntary muscle movements.

I have HG, a severe type of morning sickness worthy of a doctor phil special. I’ve been vomiting hourly or less for almost a week now. After leaving the hospital I was sick again.

I decided to go ahead and try these. So far, I haven’t vomited or felt nausea for 2 hours. I will be tracking my symptoms over the next 24 hours and again over the next week to see if this could be my long term treatment. For now, I rate this 5 stars and definitely think it’s worth a try!

Check their Facebook page for my updated review next week.



Keep us updated Britt. We are all rooting for you here.

Innovative Team

Bryant gervacio
5 out of 5:

I suffer from severe anxiety, I have been prescribed a plethora of benzodiazepines to help me through panic attacks and none of them have worked for me as effectively as these lozenges, I must admit I was quite skeptical at first but after my 1st dose, there was no doubt in my mind. I swear by these things, I will never leave home without them.

Jennifer Stanford
5 out of 5:

The Lemon lozenges are my favorite and helped me get through tremendous stress while battling chronic Lyme disease.

Gwendola Ann Bennett
5 out of 5:

Love the lemon, calmed my anxiety down

5 out of 5:

The lozenges have been very effective in reducing the muscle tension and spasms in my neck and shoulders. I highly recommend over prescription meds!!

5 out of 5:

The lozenges have really helped my anxiety and reduce the muscle tension in my neck and shoulders.

Elizabeth Gomes

These taste great and have a calming effect- the only negative would be they are a bit large to suck on and I have to break it down to fit easier in the mouth. Otherwise I thought these were great and would buy again!


The CBD Lozenges have been extremely effective in controlling my severe anxiety. Highly recommend! A+++++


These lozenges have tremendously helped my severe anxiety. I have found the lozenges work better than my prescription anxiety meds. I’ve also. priced a reduction in chronic back pain while taking the lozenges. Highly recommend!!!! A++++


At the age of 24, my daughter has began having seizures to the tune of 22 in less than 24 hours. After much frustration with the modern medicine community, I turned to our local health food store for help. Your product, CBD Lozenges, is what was recommended. Now when she gets the aura, I will give her a lozenge. Since beginning to use these one week ago, we have been able to successfully head them off. I will not be caught without them now! Thank you for this product, we are almost back to our normal routine.

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