100MG Organic Oil by Innovative

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You don’t have to smoke to enjoy cannabidiol: that’s what innovative CBD’s Organic CBD oil is for! Made entirely of organic hemp seed oil and CBD, this product was developed to be taken sublingually. Besides, its convenient dropper allows you to control your serving drop by drop for a more precise application. Try this product and see what some organic hempseed oil infused supercritical CO2 extracted CBD can do for you!

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Product Description

  • 1OZ – 100MG CBD
  • Flavors available: Natural, Coconut, Butterscotch, Ginger, Almond & Berry
  • All organic cold pressed hemp seed oil infused with 100 mg’s of supercritical Co2 extracted cannabidiol from industrial hemp

Lab tests

View and download the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for this product. We have all of our products independently lab tested and certified for potency and purity. These certifications show that Innovative CBD products don’t have any traces of hydrocarbon based solvents or co-solvents.

Almond 100mg (May 25, 2017 – Jun 23, 2017)

Butterscotch 100mg (May 9, 2017 – Jun 8, 2017)

Coconut 100mg (May 28, 2017 – Jun 25, 2017)

Ginger 100mg (Jun 8, 2017 – Jul 7, 2017)

Natural 100mg (Jun 13, 2017 – Jul 13, 2017)

22 reviews for 100MG Organic Oil by Innovative

5 out of 5:

This has helped with inflammation and nausea . It is a big help and I am very great full

Matthew spivack
5 out of 5:

Helped me with inflammation and stomach issues big help

loretta cook
5 out of 5:

i have been getting anxiety lately and holding all the tension in my back. adding this in to my life has really helped me even out and settle back to my old self.

5 out of 5:

Best ever!! Helps my migraines. Definitely recommend this for everyone with migraines.

5 out of 5:

Started taking this hoping it would help with my sleep issues which were caused by anxiety/depression and migraines. I am currently 3 months migraine free and sleep like a baby.

Mandy K.
5 out of 5:

love this stuff and my cat does too! it helps us both walk easier. my cat is 13 years old and its very hard to walk since he had old medical problems. 4 drops in his morning wet cat food and he’s good for the whole day.

Gale Peltzer
5 out of 5:

A little over three months ago I started my dog on this with amazing results. He had been diagnosed with cushings disease and is 14 yes old. The seizures , panting and excessive thirst are immediately relieved as well as his ability to move around. This product has been a life saver for my dog/family member. I simply add it to his food twice a day about 10/15 drops each meal. He’s a 20lb dachshund. My health food store is out so I’m here online and now I see there’s a small pet tincture I’ll also be ordering. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

5 out of 5:

This product is so impressive! I have pain in my leg and it has completely removed the pain so that I can get back to living life normally instead of having to lay down all the time

5 out of 5:

Tried a number of different CBD tinctures from various companies and found this to be the best. Helps with anxiety and PTSD. The graduated dropper is a really nice detail and makes precise measurement easy.

Michelle Fontenot
5 out of 5:

I have been using this product for a couple weeks for migraines. I’ve noticed a significant improvement. So excited about this product, praying it only keeps getting better.

M Hinsey
5 out of 5:

I just started using the sublingual cbd for anxiety. It works very well!

5 out of 5:

I bought this oil for my Grandmother who is recenrly going through chemo. She’s confident the oil is helping her through it! Thank you!

5 out of 5:

I could NOT be happier with these products, the quality of them, and fantastic customer service of the company! I have only been using the products for a month and have already had 3 friends begin using the tincture and muscle rub. I was struggling with migraines, anxiety, tummy issues and long time back pain, the CBD tincture and muscle rub have truly brought me back! When your child says, “It’s great to see you smiling and feeling good again Mommy!” the products are totally worth it. My husband has started to use the muscle rub for arthritis and he is thrilled as well.

5 out of 5:

Works great! Taste gets a little getting use to but it’s all worth it!

Deidre Guzman
5 out of 5:

WORKS wonderful I suffer from migraines and autoimmune disease has help decrease inflammation and help with sleep .. migraine free for the month that I have been taking its almost like asking for a miracle. I enjoyed the taste of the coconut one very earthy flavor .

5 out of 5:

Bought this in natural flavour in a health food store where I live in Arkansas and at first disliked the flavour, but now I’ve not only come to enjoy the flavour, but found that it helps relax my muscles (fibromyalgia), eases my anxiety, and helps me rest. I have a plethora of health issues including heart disease, so CBD oil is a very recent recommendation by a friend (thank you Kelsey!)

yesenia quintero
5 out of 5:

Used this product with my son who has autism seen a dramatic change in behavior no yelling able to sleep through the whole night and anxiety decreased dramatically as well as his focus and eye contact was more focused on an activity

April Trahan
5 out of 5:

Found this in a health food store and the ladies there were so informative. I’ve heard many great things. Can’t wait for my whole family to try.

4 out of 5:

I was totally shocked! I had a sample of this coconut one and wasn’t sure what to do with it until I had a weather-related headache which lasted 12 hours and was very painful. I hate taking painkillers. Within 30 seconds of trying this, the excruciating headache was down to a dull ache. I’m very impressed and will update this once I get a bottle and can try it for other things. Also, the taste was pretty neutral,not bad at all!

Rick Elias

The first time I tried the CBD for Asperger syndrome I got good results to reduce my anxiety within hours. Was having issues with focusing, only getting one or two hours work a day. The first day I got about 6 hours in. This is a must for me, only three days into the product and I already feel a positive life change.

Susan Kendall
1 out of 5:

This is a very good product. I tried other CBD tinctures by other companies and did not get any results. I have been using this products for two weeks for ADHD and also for pain. I am more focused, calmer and I am not taking anything for back pain. I am able to work in the garden for hours now.

yesenia quintero

Used this product with my son who has autism helped him sleep better at night and be calmer

Colette Stoddard

I use this for my sons autism. Helps him focus . thank you so much. I also take it myself for my migraines.

Laura Rauch

On my second bottle and have definitely noticed an improvement in my joint and muscle pain. Have and will recommend this to any of my friends going to try the flavor (Ginger) this time.

Hannah Rogers
5 out of 5:

I got this for my mom and her whole-body pain from a serious accident. It’s helped her to be able to get out of bed easier and walk better.

I also personally use this as an “epipen” of sorts. I have severe food allergies and if I ever come across something that I start to react to, I rub some on the inflamed area and drink a droplet. The swelling immediately goes down and the reaction starts going away. I don’t go anywhere without a bottle of it in my purse!

Of course, we all know this to be true of the plant. I’m just beyond grateful at having true and pure CBD oil!!

Sarah Elaine
5 out of 5:

This product is amazing. I’ve been suffering from migraines 4-6 times per week for the last 8 months. I’ve been using this product morning and night for the last few days and for the first time I have been completely migraine free multiple days in a row. I am so grateful that I finally tried CBD. The butterscotch flavor is pretty good too!


I suffer from Crohn’s disease and this product has helped me and others with my condition. It allows me to bring my pain and discomfort down to a managable level which means that I can eat and sleep. I am very greatful for this product.

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