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Our Process

Our process of extracting organic cannabidiol oil without solvents produces a clean light amber, debris and solvent free oil that can be use for all applications. We use our CBD oil in our lipbalm, capsules, salves, muscle rub, sextiva, lozenges, vaporization products and our CBD ONLY oil. All of our oil is independently lab tested and includes a separate report on solvent bases that other companies will not supply because they still use solvents and/or co-solvents in their process.

Using subcritical follow by supercritical extraction process we are able to pull more oil from our hemp than our competitors. Our supercritical process avoids the high pressures used in some processes that extract excess waxes and add weight. Our lower yield technique results in a higher concentration of cannabidiol. Combine that with a fine tuned machine maintained by our resident blender, and we provide you with the best organic solvent free CBD oil on the market.
Innovative CBD Products
Why is our product different from any other?
These are some of the reasons:
Products of the highest quality
Solvent free
CO2 extracted CBD
Pure organic product
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Our Process