Our innovative extraction process comes from the finest inspiration and desire of a healthier way of life.


About us

In a market flooded with sub grade products and consumers in need of high quality CBD oil, Innovative CBD strives to produce the highest quality solvent free CO2 extracted cannabidiol. With our own extraction machine and our patent pending extraction process, we are able to extract almost all of the desired compunds without the debris and without the use of solvents for a pure organic product.
Our main focus is to provide access to our CBD oil to those looking for a pure, natural and organic product. In our search for a pure solvent free product, we have had the fortune to meet some of the most inspiring people , and we have had the gratification of providing the consumers with an amazing one of a kind experience.
Innovative CBD is a fast growing company that is dedicated to manufacturing the purest CBD oil infused products available in todays market. Innovative CBD uses only the finest imported Industrial Hemp, bred and cultivated specifically for CBD oil production, from our own farms in Spain. Our manufacturing practices are second to none and all of our oil is processed using only 99.9999% un-reciculated carbon dioxide. all of InnovativeCBD’s products are manufactured in small craft batches to ensure potency and the highest quality possible.
Our hemp plants are organically grown in Spain
and meticulously extracted in the United States.

Innovative CBD Products
Why is our product different from any other?
These are some of the reasons:
Products of the highest quality
Solvent free
CO2 extracted CBD
Pure organic product
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About Us